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The New Experience at The FIRST Lounge is a specially designed space offering a range of exclusive privileges to ensure your whole hospital experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Samitivej Exclusive Lounge - Samitivej Sukhumvit

Samitivej Exclusive Lounge - Samitivej Srinakarin

Experience limitless healthcare with Samitivej First

“Your health information is now available online at the tip of your fingers. We provide you with a warm and welcoming service that enables 24-hour access to healthcare, including a specially designated seating area in a comfortable but private environment.”



  The First Lounge: A specially designed waiting area to ensure you feel completely at ease while waiting to receive medical services, including a healthy food and drink corner
  Butler Service: Receive a warm welcome from a dedicated member of our staff, who will act like your personal butler and improve your experience whenever possible throughout your time in hospital
  24-hour Health Assistance: Health consultations available 24 hours a day through the Samitivej Plus App
  Pharmacist Consultation: Our pharmacist consultation service is available from 08:00 – 20:00 through the Samitivej Plus App
  Quick and Easy Payment: Enabling a faster payment process for hospital fees through either of the following 2 channels: the mobile app or a QR code
  Special discounts
  • 30% off inpatient room fees for unlimited nights throughout the duration of your membership
  • 5% off special computer x-rays, including MRI and CT scans

Additional special privileges available through the Samitivej Plus Application

  • Fast Register: Advance online pre-registration service for new service recipients to ensure faster access to services upon arrival at hospital
  • Doctor’s Appointment: Advance doctor selection service, including a record of appointments and advance notification of your next appointment
  • Visit Summary Report: Details of your lab results sent directly to your app, allowing you access to your treatment history and use of that information for your next medical appointment, wherever it may take place
  • Samitivej Q: Access your queue slot in real time, including notifications to ensure your time is used as efficiently as possible

Unlimited use of Samitivej Virtual Hospital


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Accessing your personal information, including special member privileges

  • Access information about the latest healthcare news or other related activities on the hospital website
  • Keep up to date through the Samitivej Plus Application
  • Find out more information at The First Lounge, 1st Floor, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital or contact

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