Thailand has gained a reputation in Asia as a medical tourism hub. In 2009, the number of foreign patients reached 1.4 million, more than 60 percent of whom flew to the country expressly for treatment. The statistics continue to climb as more international citizens choose Thai healthcare for its high standard of technology,globally trained medical professionals, and competitive costs. In addition, the country’s long-standing tradition of warm hospitality, comprehensive infrastructure, beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage make it particularly attractive.

As the industry continues to grow, Samitivej remains a strong leader and Thailand’s most trusted healthcare provider. We have a long history of offering international standard care to patients from all
over the world and have adapted our facilities to suit their needs. To make sure that all of our patients can effectively communicate with our doctors, we provide complimentary interpretation services for many languages.

Our hospital offer a pleasant,
healing atmosphere in which our
patients can recover,
complete with comfortable furnishings
and inviting spaces for relaxation.

“ Inpatients can enjoy state-of-the-art online entertainment or see the results of an X-ray or ultrasound in their room on LCD screens. ”

Conveniences including shops, high-speed inpatient internet access, restaurants and areas for religious observance are all available.

At Samitivej, we employ the latest available medical technologies for advanced detection, treatment and prevention of a wide variety of conditions. Our facilities are constantly being improved to exceed global expectations. This continuing commitment to excellence has earned the hospital recognition from some of the most distinguished international organizations, including the
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF),
the World Health Organization (WHO)
and the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Our greatest asset is and always will be our committed, talented team of physicians and nurses. These hard-working, highly trained individuals have decades of combined experience both in Thailand and abroad.
From pediatricians and specialists in neonatal care, to cardiac and orthopedic surgeons, to physical therapists and holistic medicine specialists, the staff at Samitivej are truly exceptional.

Samitivej HospitalsSamitivej HospitalsSamitivej Hospitals

We also pride ourselves in making sure that these dedicated professionals are there for you when you call.
Appointments can be scheduled with the click of a mouse. Our mobile ICU and CCU ambulances run around the clock, while our Emergency Air Ambulance allows for patient transfers from over 30 airports domestically and within the region.
We work harder to make certain that all of our patients receive the care that they need.