Samitivej’s New Life Fund was established in 2010 to provide underprivileged children with access to high quality surgical treatments. Through the generous donations of the foundation and the hard work of our doctors, children suffering from congenital heart disease and children suffering from Leukemia (Thalassemia) requiring a bone marrow transplant can get a new chance at life.

In honor of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej The Great’s 88th birthday in 2016, Samitivej’s New Life Fund also performs surgeries for underprivileged children suffering from scoliosis.


We believe in bringing high-quality healthcare to those who need it most. There are roughly 7,000 to 8,000 babies born with serious heart conditions in Thailand each year, about 1,000-1,500 of whom cannot survive for long without surgery. Scoliosis is another condition which can affect children from infancy until they reach adolescence. One in every 10,000 Thai children suffers from scoliosis. If left untreated the overall health and day-to-day life of the child can be greatly damaged.The child’s heart and pulmonary system can suffer if the condition worsens, potentially becoming fatal.

There are also many children suffering from cancer and other genetic diseases who are in desperate need of bone marrow transplants but are not able to afford them. Leukemia is one of the top 10 types of cancer found in Thai children of all ages.

“We want to give these children and their families the chance to live, as well as improve their quality of life. We want to give them a new life and brighter hope,” said Dr. Chanika Tuchinda, Executive Advisor to Samitivej Children’s Hospital and Samitivej’s New Life Fund. “Samitivej is in a strong position to do so with a great pool of specialists and medical teams, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and technology that makes us ready to provide pre- and post- surgery care to these young children.”


Samitivej Children’s Hospital is home to highly trained pediatricians and specialized facilities, such as certified Positive Pressure rooms for fighting infection.

Led by Professor Suradej Hongeng, M.D., Samitivej’s New Life Foundation has successfully performed bone marrow transplants, using bone marrow from the child’s parents, to treat children with acute and chronic leukemia, aplastic anemia, certain types of lymphoma, and such commonly found genetic diseases as thalassemia without having to wait for a donor

Our pediatric heart surgeons also work with The Cardiac Children Foundation of Thailand to perform life saving surgeries on children with congenital heart defects. Nattipat Juthacharoenwong, Sgn. Ldr., M.D., Chief of Pediatrics and a specialist in pediatric cardiology, has successfully operated on more than a hundred children through the New Life initiative.


Through the efforts of the foundation, parents of up to 100 children who could never have hoped for the required surgeries have been able to bring home happy, healthy children.

“I would like to express my thanks to the Samitivej Fund for giving Thapanawatha (Biker) new life.

He was a weak child who couldn’t play much due to difficulty breathing. But since the surgery he’s been getting much better. Thank you very much.

Thapanawatha’s Mother

“Nong Muay was diagnosed with heart disease at birth when her skin began turning green.

She was very sick and we were advised to enter Samitivej's New Life program, which provided heart surgery. I want to thank Samitivej for helping children like Muay who suffer from heart disease. I am so grateful that we have received such great treatment and support. I want to encourage everyone to donate to this fund so that the next child's life can be saved.”

Nong Muay’s Grandmother

“Nong Sai suffered from heart disease from birth. I came to know of Samitivej's New Life program through the radio.

Only a short time after we contacted the hospital, we were able to get the heart surgery underway. My child was only eight months old at the time. This program is such a good program and I want to encourage everyone to donate to the fund. Every donation counts. Without this program, my child would not be here today.”

Nong Sai’s Mother


You can play an important part in providing more children with the surgeries they desperately need.

You can also make a contribution to the following accounts:

• Help children with congenital heart disease
TMBThanachart Bank (ttb) Savings Account “Vajiravej Vidayalai Chalermphrakiat Foundation for Samitivej Heart Fund,” account number 196-2-08745-6

• Help children with scoliosis, and with genetic diseases requiring bone marrow transplants, such as thalassemia
TMBThanachart Bank (ttb) Savings Account “Vajiravej Vidayalai Chalermphrakiat Foundation for Samitivej’s New Life Fund,” account number 196-2-08746-4

For further information or possible volunteering opportunities, please contact:

• Our call center at (+66) 2-022-2222
• Information about tax reduction (+66) 2-378-9234
• Information about heart surgery (+66) 2-378-9101
• Information about bone marrow transplants (+66) 89-477-7764

We thank you for your generosity. Together we can make a difference.