Protect Yourself From Influenza

Protect Yourself From Influenza

Do you know 42% of children and 15% adults contract influenza virus each year?

  • Influenza virus infects respiratory system.
  • It is pandemic and especially the new type Influenza A(H1N1) has spread in Mexico, USA and Canada
  • In Thailand Influenza season is in the winter.
  • Flu shots should be given 1-2 months before the spreading season every year.

What are the differences of influenza and common flu?

  • Influenza symptoms are similar to common flu’s with high fever (39-40 ํC)
  • Headache, coughing, body-ache, and fatigue.
  • May cause complicated diseases and life-threatening especially patients with chronic  disease like diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, pulmonary disease, coronary disease, liver disease, asthma and AIDS


  • Wash your hands often before and after you prepare food and after handling animals or animal waste.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes and put your hands in your mouth.
  • Avoid sharing towels, glasses or personal belonging with others.
  • Stay away from infectious patients.
  • Influenza vaccine is recommended from children from 6 months, adults over 50 years old, pregnant women and frequent travelers.

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