“Enjoying life and loving your job can go hand in hand.”

Your job does not need to overwhelm every aspect of your life. Say goodbye to unhealthy lifestyles, non-existent social lives and stressful weekends! Working at Samitivej means a well-earned salary, a balanced lifestyle and a job which is more than “worth it.” We also invite you along on many trips and events where you can have fun and let your hair down with your colleagues. It is important to us at Samitivej that our nurses enjoy a good quality of life as much as they enjoy working at our hospital.

“Pride in the nursing profession and the creation of value for oneself and others. ”

Throughout my 12 years of working in the nursing profession with the oncology department, the word “nurse” has always meant more to me than simply a “duty.” Every moment of the day, we are ready to step into any role necessary to meet the needs of our patients—we are family, we are defenders of their rights, we are guides and helpers, we are carers, and more. Empathy, therefore, must always be at the forefront of caring for our patients. The goal that is always on our minds is the safety and the best quality of life possible for our patients, even in their final moments. Every step that we take as we go about our work is always for the benefit and service of others, because the smiles on the faces of our patients and their families is our happiness as nurses.

I never imagined that a nurse in my position would ever receive the opportunities that I have in furthering my studies in oncology nursing and even participating in observation abroad. All of this has been a valuable experience and unexpected reward from the private sector. And in 2018, I received the DAISY Award, which brought me so much pride and joy in my profession and has motivated me to continue to work with love and diligence in caring for my patients.

Sirirak Suksalee
Samitivej Children’s Hospital.


“Grab the chance to learn from the very best.”

Learning is an exciting process that never ends. Being a Samitivej nurse means you get to work alongside, and learn from, the best doctors and specialists every day. You can attend our medical conventions and seminars which are led by leading medical figures from Thailand and around the world. We provide our nurses with many educational resources, the most exciting being a free and unique e-Learning experience focused solely on the subject of pediatric nursing.

It is by no means easy to achieve excellence in the field of nursing. Indeed, providing outstanding patient care means responding in a timely manner to every need, both physical and mental, as well as applying the knowledge gained through our studies and working as a team to ensure that the care we provide is successful.

I currently hold the position of Registered Nurse at Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Inpatient Department. My experience at Samitivej Children’s Hospital led to an opportunity to observe patient care at Oregon Health & Science University in the USA, where I gained a range of new experiences regarding the care provided to child patients, which then enabled me to develop my own practice.

The most important thing I have learned from my time as a nurse is to take responsibility and work as a team to ensure we understand our patients and their needs, which will result in providing the best possible service. In addition to my job, I am also studying for my master’s degree. Continuous training is crucial, although it is often difficult to find the time necessary to carry out my duties, study and take time for myself. Fortunately, I love how my life and career are playing out.

In conclusion, I would like to say that constant self-development, learning about new issues as they arise, and understanding others is at the heart of what makes a good nurse.

Pijitra Sinlon
Samitivej Children's Hospital.


“Join our close-knit team where everyone matters.”

Scary doctors? Uncooperative managers? Fear not. Here at Samitivej, we take great pride in building strong and inspiring medical teams where every role is valued equally. Not only is the work of our nurses made more effective by modern technology and facilities, but we also believe that we can only work to the best of our abilities when our doctors, nurses, and management share a strong bond. We are happy to provide our nurses with a healthy work environment, daycare for their children, and a caring group of professionals to be a part of.

I have gained so much experience working for Samitivej Children’s Hospital. I have seen a lot of new cases, including those involving conditions or procedures that I had never before encountered, which ultimately helped me become a better and more knowledgeable nurse. During the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I have even dealt with PUI cases that helped me better understand how to identify patients who require isolation or hospital care. My experiences regarding the flow of patient management and care, as well as the continuous updates necessary to monitor their situations, has led to me becoming much more flexible and adaptable than before.

Teamwork is crucial to what we do because we could not achieve our goals working individually—it takes the cooperation of multiple departments to do what we do. Indeed, effective teamwork is really what brings us success.

The benefits on offer here are amazing. The hospital offers workplace safety, and good healthcare for myself and my family. The hospital offers workplace safety, and good healthcare for myself and my family. The hospital offers financial planning and gives us assistance whenever it can

Our administrators have an excellent vision, recognizing both current and potential future issues, to ensure that employees are not left to fend for themselves. We can rely on them to support us like a family, which is what attracts people to our organization—the desire to be part of such an amazing team, just as I have been!

Nichadapha Jaiwan
Samitivej Children's Hospital.

In the past, values were such that the harder one worked, the better it was. As a result, people not only worked hard but overdid it without thought of the time or days they spent working. Yes, this may have meant success at work, but, in the end, it also meant failure and loss in their personal life, along with poor health and no one to take our place when we were unwell. I think that making adjustments in one’s life for a proper “work/life balance” is important, and that each person must weigh the time they spend at work against the time they give to their personal lives and strive to create harmony and a proper balance between the two as much as is possible.

In the past, as a fulltime employee, I really didn’t have time for anything outside of my work. I didn’t take care of myself. I would forgo sleep, eat pre-made frozen foods because they were quick and easy to prepare, and eat foods that were not nutritious or beneficial to my body. At one point I finally thought, “We always advise our patients and clients to eat a healthy diet, to get plenty of rest, etc.—these are all things that I know well, but I am not putting them into practice in my own daily life.”

I decided to stop to think about what I needed to do in my own life to achieve a correct work/life balance.

I started to balance my time so that I could give my all during my work hours—wholeheartedly committed and working happily together with my colleagues, dividing our responsibilities and helping one another as needed for the satisfaction of our patients, resulting in positive feedback and, even better, more careful and conscientious work.
When I went home, I would set aside any problems and the work of the day, make time for myself, for exercise, for health and self-care, for the preparation of nutritious food, and for my family. Everything was finally in balance—I was happier, my family was happier, and it also meant that my organization and place of work benefited from a better, more balanced employee.

When employees have good quality of life, the result is more efficient work, which benefits our organization as well.

Romnalin Kong-asajun
Samitivej Children's Hospital.

Pride in our profession and work

Throughout my 34 years working at Samitivej, it has been like my second home. I have gained so much experience, in both my work and my own continual personal development. We are also well looked after by Samitivej Hospital. For example, employee health checkups are provided annually; we have incredibly good teamwork in our department, and everyone helps out to ensure the work runs smoothly each day. These are some of the reasons why I have never considered leaving my work here.

Urai Piriyaworakit
Samitivej Children's Hospital.


“Be the one who makes a difference.”

Join us on our mission to provide the best possible health care for our patients and to help make lives better in our community. On a daily basis you will have the chance to make a mark in the lives of your patients and form personal bonds that can leave a lasting impression. You can also be a part of something special with our New Life Foundation and our many other charitable initiatives, all within a constructive and caring environment.

From the West:

2014 saw the beginning of Samitivej Children’s Hospital’s collaboration with Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) USA, which was listed in US News % World Report’s ‘Top 50 Best Best Children's Hospitals 2015-2016.’ Samitivej Children's Hospital aims to continually improve in the following areas:

  • Neonatal stabilization practices (S.T.A.B.L.E. Program)
  • Neonatal therapeutic hypothermia
  • Improving the emotional well-being of child patients (The Child Life Program)
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery in infants and children
  • Diagnosis and treatment through video conferencing (telemedicine)
  • Pediatric Progressive Care Unit (PPCU)
From the East:

Since 2015, working in partnership with Takatsuki General Hospital in Japan, Samitivej Children's Hospital has been engaged in an exchange program to enhance professional knowledge in neonatal and child care:

  • Observations, research and seminars, predominantly in NICU and pediatric units
  • Screening and treating newborns with medical problems after premature birth.
  • Developing care and planning for children with environmental allergies or food allergies.

Takatsuki General Hospital, the flagship hospital of the Osaka Neonatal Mutual Cooperative System, has cared for premature infants with a birth weight as low as 286 grams.

Children Hospital
Children Hospital



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